how do we do api calls to data migration in production  to dev enviroment
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we have reactive we app and we deploy it also from lifetime in outystems .my question is how do we data migration in production to dev environment.  

Hi @omkar molawade ,

For the migration of data between environments, it is preferable to use DMM composite.

Please read the documentation and training carefully before executing them. I am waiting to hear back from you if it helped. 

Component : https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2812/data-migration-manager-dmm-performance-advisor-ipa

Hi @omkar molawade 

The problem with datamigration from Prod to Dev is that in the database the tables where data is in, can have different names in different environments. So you do not have a table like "Order" in Prod and also a table with name "Order" in Dev, so it is difficult to copy.

Therefor, like Jerome said, a component my be usefull.

But why do you want to copy your data from Prod to Dev?  If you want to test against real production data, i suggest you install a test environment with this copy.  In general the Dev environment is the only environment that should never have (a copy of) Prod data. You are busy developing, so for coping your Prod data to Dev you may be need a conversion of the data the other way around as the the conversion of the data when you deploy to Prod.  And do you want to write this kind of conversion?

I mean, in DEV you are developing and have created new attributes or new entities, they can never be filled with data from Prod, so in that case it is really unnecessary to have Production data.

If you want to do a high volume test  with a lot of data, i suggest you do that in a test environment.  If you want to test situations that are possible in production, you better try to reproduce them in your dev environment and create an excellent testset.

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