Usability Tools and Resources

A free alternative for Balsamiq:


- mockups
- prototyping
- realtime collaboration, chat
- image editor
Another free alternative:

This one is built using HTML5 and at this point doesn't seem to include colaboration support.
Recently I've found some apps from ZURBapps, they look really cool:
usability/concept testing tool - has several available tests
it's paid, but has a 30-day free trial period
great tool for graphic designers to ask for feedback and comments - it's in beta tests, so it's available for free at the moment, you just need to request invitation (I waited a few days)
another tool in beta version, thus free - this one for creating clickable prototypes


Here's another interesting alternative and free alternativae. Maqetta is a browser based open-source tool for wireframing.
Check it out at:

Hi guys,

I'd like to invite you to reshare the links in this thread:

Actually, most of the content we've seen on this Usability Internal* Forum could be made public (I'd like to hear your opinions on this).

*why internal?

My 2 cents: I think it should be made public. There's no info here that could not be made public and would certanly help someone.
Yes, please! Let's unlock the MAGIC!

But I think Davide's idea is better - re-share there so that Gonçalo Cardoso (the guy that started the other thread) gets a cool reward for starting it. 
Natalia is already on it! :)

Regarding the other threads we could repost* them gradually and create an [hopefully] noticiable trend towards usability in the months leading up to NextStep.

*just moving the threads across forums would seem strange (and we'd have to validate what we wrote to ensure that it could be made public)