User session times out mid session and we get invalid role error on submit
Application Type
Platform Version
11.23.1 (Build 40847)

We have an issue where the user session times out mid session and the user gets an invalid role error while submitting.

User access a dashboard screen --> User goes to the detail screen ---> User performs a screen action that involves a server action. ---> Invalid role error

From the above screen access logs you can see that the user session was valid a few seconds before the error was thrown. When the error is thrown the userid in the logs is 0 ( which im assuming implies the user session expired). 

Both the screens (dashboard as well as details screen) has server actions that are called to fetch data, so if the user session was invalid there it should logout and log the user back in. But for some reason sometimes this only happens during a submit action. 

This is not a highly reproducable error. It happens infrequently but it has been reported by end users and we would like to find a solution for it. 

Hi Saiful Aseem Abdul Khader,

Try to have an exception handler in the on-exception action and navigate to the login screen. Let me know if it helps.

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