Inquiry about Supported Low-Code Languages in OutSystems

Which low-code languages and technologies are natively supported by OutSystems? 

Hi Syed,

OutSystems is a low-code platform. So what other low-code languages you would expect? No-other local code languages are supported natively by OutSystems.

Apart from the OutSystems Low-code visual language, you can extend the front end with JavaScript, HTML and CSS3, and on the backend using C#.



Hi Daniel,

For example, for the Power platform, we have PowerFX low-code language, and for Appian SAIL language, what about Outsystem?

Hi Syed, in my point of view, for OutSystems, we're using some kind of expression to express logic condition, function invocation, and the syntax is keep as simple as possible to be adopted by newcomers. And as its simplicity, it's not considered (in my point of view, again) to be called as a programming language. And for now, it does not have a name yet.

But beyond of that, OutSystems open for us to use HTML, JS, CSS for front end and C#, T-SQL for backend for advanced use case.

Kind regards,
Nghia Hoang

As I wrote before its the OutSystems Visual Language. 

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