im using ReactiveWebPreviewer for preview document. but i cannot preview the document without using download at end of the flow.

Please help me to preview documents without downloading it

Hi @pasupathi vadivel,

The component needs the file to be at the browser access level.

Try to store it in a client variable and display the variable data.

Kinldy let us know if it works.

Hi Jerome,

we cant hold binary data in Client variable.

Can you please share oml , if you have a solution.

Hi @pasupathi vadivel ,

Yes, We cannot store it in binary format. But try converting it into text or Base64 encoded text to store. Let me try to give an example.
You can also try using the JS node to set it as a local storage element.
localStorage.setItem("FileContent", "Base64 encoded text ");
localStorage.getItem("FileContent "); 

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