How can I Add Radio Group inside Radio button
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Can I Add Radio Group Or Any Widget Inside Radio Button? 

Hi ,

You can have two separate radio group and decide visibility of second radio group based on user selection in first radiogroup.

In yourcase Assuming if user selects Yes in first workgroup then source variable will be true then you can toggle the visibility of second radiogroup  using that variable.



Hi @Pramod Torase ,
But I think @Abdullah Bajaman is asking for the second radio group which contains input boxes.
This thing might be achievable by UI tuning, directly we don't have the option to add any other widget in the radio group.


Hi @Pramod Torase
Thanks for responding. 

My Question is Can I add Any Widget under Radio Button. for instance If user select No then Container with input_textField inserted between No and Yes Radio Buttons.

Hi Abdullah,

The answer is 'Yes', you can insert anything under your radio button, but not directly, you have to use a Block(See example snap below). But this is not good practice. I will suggest you to create 2 containers with all the input fields and label inside it, place one after No and another after Yes. Then use a Boolean variable to hide/show these containers. This boolean variable will be mapped to your radio button so based on selection container will display/hide.

Hope it helps!

Good morning @Sanjay Kumar Sahu
Thanks for responding 

I placed container with inputs after No. In Widget Tree its inserted put in screen its display just container with small height under Text of GroupButton without any inputs

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