OnClick event not working in Safari
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Hi there,

I have set a OnClick event on a container, which triggers a client action. This works perfectly in Chrome, but in Safari it doesn't do anything. 

Is this a well-known issue and can it differ for the type of browser? 


Can you tell a little bit more of the scenario? Are you using Mobile, PC or Mac? Are you trying Chrome and Safari on the same device or different ones?

As far as I know Outsystems should work fine in all browsers.

Hi Eric,

Try checking the CSS. Sometimes, and for some reason, you can have overlapping divs and that means you don't get to the click. 

Hi Eric,

Usually this doesn't happen, so if you can share some more details like screen shot or OML this will be helpful for us.


Hi Jozy,

In the attachment you can find the OML. The problem happens on the Contact page within the ContactFooter web block. I use the onclick event, which should trigger the OnClick_FormDropdown action. 

As said, in the Chrome browser the event works, but in Safari it doesn't. So I don't think the problem can be found within CSS as Renato mentioned.

Thanks in advance!

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