[Multipart/form-data] [Multipart/form-data] Need to take a file uploaded to consume Hubspot File API
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Forge component by Kilian Hekhuis
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11.54.32 (Build 62941)
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11.18.1 (Build 37828)

I'm trying to take a file uploaded in an Outsystems React Web App consume that file via a REST endpoint point in my Outsystems Service App that among other things will upload the file to Hubspot via the rest API. I am able to hit that endpoint successfully in Postman (see picture) with the headers: content-type as a multpart/form-data and a bearer token for authentication. Outsystems gives me a message that multipart/form-data is not supported for my version so I went to the forge and found Kilian's Multipart/form-data asset and this article he wrote. I am unsure how to use this to fit my needs.

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