Using SQL joins to Multiple DBs

We have a single SQL server with multiple DBs on it and I need to join multiple DBS together in SQL (example Below) Outsystems keeps giving me an error and I can't pull from the other DBs. This seems like a really simple thing and not sure why its having issues. I do this stuff all the time in high code. Is there maybe a .net code I can use to supplement it? 

Select *

from ERPdata.dbo.Customers as c

join DataCollect.dbo.Device as d on d.Serial=c.Serial

join Tools.dbo.Settings as s on s.CustomerID=c.CustomerID

Hi @Raymond Visner ,

I suggest to create view in the data base server and consume the same through integration studio

The view can be used to fetch data.

Please try the method suggested in the below posts.



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