Transferring data between database foreign language(Japanese) data is not transferred

I am just transferring the data between the two database. Both of them are in external database. All the data are fetched correctly between the database. Only the foreign language data(Japanese) is not transferred correctly. Instead of that Japanese word is showing like "????". 

In original data file i am just storing the name in Japanese. And i have given the data type as nvarchar. While storing the data in original data file its just saved and displaying correctly. While transferring the data to another data file the Japanese name column is showing like "???". 

Hi Sakthipriya,

You should check the database's language and collocation settings, as well whether UTF-8 is enabled. If, for example, the database is set to ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8, there's no way that you could add Japanese characters to it.

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