Validation in list record input type

I have an input field which works in such a way that there is a button to add multiple user names so after clicking add user button each time an input field gets added to the list which asks user to input another username so there is a validation for it which works like if user name is not valid according to condition it shows valid username is required but this validation message occurs only for the first input after that for all inputs in the list like second, third and so on it does not occur so what is the possible solution for it.

I would add a boolean field called HasError to the list, and when the validation is done, you use the Boolean from the CurrentRow to show the error message with the class "validation-message". 

I have implemented this logic only but it is working only for first entry and not for the others.



There are already multiple solution marked for the use case I am attaching some like for you that will help you - 


Also there is a Forge Component that has what you need - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/13879/listvalidation

Also if you search on forums here are multiple results - https://www.outsystems.com/forums/Search.aspx?page=1&q=validation+in+list&scat=forums

I hope this will help you

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Hi @Vaibhavi Paranjpe 

Attached oml for the dynamic list validation.

Hope it helps.

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