I am trying to make a pdf with charts of "Charting Services Core" but they don't appear because they are flash (I guess..). Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Can I use the HTML Renderer extension to solve it?

Thanks in advance.
Well, interesting case you make there.

How are you trying to make a pdf? with what extension for example?

You probably have to switch to a html/js chart (highcharts for example, or use the html/js variant of charting services)
and test that.

If that does not work, chances are the pdf is created before the execution of the javascript.
if that might be the case, you have to create a tmp-image of your chart and use that in your pdf.
Hi Albino,

HtmlRenderer extension will not solve your problem at all.
Also, it is used internally for ECT and EPA. I highly recommend you to stay away from it.

João Rosado