Split one module into several modules

I used one module to include everything inside but just found that it may not be a good practice. May I know how should I split it into several modules, from what perspective? As I dun hv much concept on the architecture leveling. Seems it is a big work to split it.

One more point is that I have already imported all data.

Kindly advise in a easier way. Thanks.


All your screens in one module, theme in another, actions that deal with the server in another one, etc. You can use this here, depends on how complex is your application



As mentioned by Juan, according to module architecture you can divide the tasks. Also if you have module is big in size then you need to create multiple modules according to different personas or business logics. Like In single module you have Customer, company, products. Then you can create different module for each. Its all depend on the complexity and number of methods/screens/blocks etc. Too bulky module leads to Monolithic module error in AI mentor studio.


Hi Winnie,

You can split your module by moving the screens to another module.

create another module example reactive module and paste the screen into it. do not move entity if you have imported data otherwise data loss will be there.

Also after moving the all interface item you can convert you module by clicking menu - Module--> convert-->convert to service if you want.

take a reference of you entities..

for better design you should follow architecture canvas.



Hi @Mohammad Shoeb

This is my original modules which i m going to retain the entity and logic

I just copies all the screens to new module, but some got error 
-->Already add dependencies of the entity and logic.

-->May I know how deleteauditor/CreateOrUpdateAudotor can be extacted?? seems they(CRUD) are disappered in my new module (For UI). 

Kindly advise.

Hello Winnie,

Yes it is a recommeded practice to break down the application into smaller and more manageable modules. However, before you go ahead with this exercise, please think about below points

1. How do you foresee the growth of your application in future in terms of features, components etc?

2. How many different business concepts are involved in your application?

3. What would be the size of team likely to work on your application?

4. Do you need lifecycle independence for your modules/components?

Answers to these questions will help you understand the application architecture that will fit best for your application. Please note that an application can be broken down into multiple modules or multiple applications which further could be categorized into different domains.

Hence I suggest you to consider all these points and make an informed decision because breaking down the application could be bit complicated based on the size and dependencies within components, thus it is not something you would like to do often.

Hope it helps!


May I know what is reference, can u capture the screen for me? Thanks.

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