Mobile exam questions

Hi everyone,

I am studying for mobile and i stumbled upon a website with free practice tests online but i got a bit puzzled about these three questions, which i think are wrong.

What do you think?

Here there is more than one false answer.

Here you can hide colums and customize computed values, last one is false either

Here there is more than one true answer also



I'm not sure Outsystems allows any website to do these things unless it's the set of questions that's given within the Exam material :\

Nevertheless I understand that some questions are very tricky.

Well as far as i remember since there are certifications for technology companies like microsoft, cisco, etc, there always been websites with practice exam questions.

The difference is that you had (and have) to pay for them most of the time, so it´s not forbidden by any means, as long as you´re not dumping real exam questions, anyone with knowledge on the subject can create these kinds of tests for free.

Even outsystems partners and such sell practice exam questions.

But that was not the point of my post.

Well i noticed the same question is on the quiz of the mobile guided paths:

But the third and forth options are also true, read/write last write wins does not support conflict detection, that´s the read/write with conflict detection pattern, and the read only pattern syncs all data every time.

Can someone clarify this please.

questions on the exams are always a little tricky, but the way I read this one :

3) it's not because it doesn't have conflict detection, that it doesn't support data conflict, it allows data conflicts to come into existence, and it deals with them by letting the last one win

4) it says all data needs to always be synced, that is not mandatory, it can be a subset, both on attributes as on rows

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