Google Play Store and Apple Store - Different OutSystems Environments

Hello everyone,

What is the best approach to have different aplications versions from different OutSystems environments like Testing and Production?

Example, if for the same App I want to have a closed testing that the original build is OutSystems Testing environment (Testing App identifier)  and I want a prodution version that the origin is OutSystems Production environment (Production App identifier) I will need to have two apps created in google/apple console?

It this the best approach? Or have the same App Identifier in both environments? Or another option?


Pedro Oliveira 

Hii @Pedro Oliveira,

You don't have need to create two google/apple console? just create only for the production environment  app because that is your main product. 

Testing environment app is not used by the real user (happens generally). so you don't have need to create google/apple console for it. 

for the testing of the app of testing environment you/your testing team can directly install the app into their devices and can test. 

testing environment app will not be on google/apple store.

I am not sure with apple application if you cannot install application in iphone without uplaod it on apples store then if your app is not complex means if it not making any issue which is dependent on platform i.e. IOS. else you need to put testing environment app on apple store also.

or you can rely only on android platfrom testing if your app is not complex and heavy. 

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Kushwah 

Hi @Sanjay Kushwah,

Thanks for your answer.

Some funcionality like push notifications it's important to have it tested in the equipments, specialy in iOS platform, because in the Android we can sideload it.

It's true that we can test it in the stores before release to public, but we still have problems in getting OutSystems environments app versions aligned with store app versions, because we can only release the apps in the stores after the productions builds in OutSystems.

This can be a major problem after initial release.


Pedro Oliveira

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