Text at footer should only be present at the first page only
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Hi Guys. 

Does anybody know if it's possible to do this. Text should only be present at the first page. However , it is present on all the pages of the report . 

Hi Akshata Tallur

If it's screen, you can add placeholder in layout and add data in specific screen. So it won't show in other screens.

But if your scenario is in same screen and you are using pagination and you need to show  data in footer for 1st page only, then you can create one local Boolean variable IsFirstPage and set default value as True. Assign IsFirstPage to false in "OnNavigate" Event of pagination if user moves from 1st page.

In footer add container for your text and set container's visible property to "IsFirstPage" variable.

Now text will be visible to first page only.

If your need is different please explain me more.

I hope it will help you



Hi @Murali Manoharan V 

Thank you for quick response. I am not using any pagination in my screen but the text is appearing on all the pages.

I think you added text in layout's footer like this . It will show in all the pages.

If you add in specific screen's placeholder then it will show in specific page only

Are you mentioning screen as page, then above screenshots will help you.

Please add screenshot of where you add your footer text.

Or else please share your OML I will check and give you the solution for your need.



Hi Murali,

I need the footer text to be present only on the first page 

Hi Akshata

Can you please provide screenshot or OML ? I can't able to understand what's your exact requirement.



Looks like all pages are using the same layout. 
You can create one Layout that is used on all pages except the page you call the "First Page" and make a different layout for the "First Page"

Hi ,

Currently there is  a footer layout being used  within which the text is present and that text should only be present on the first page and rest pages should not contain the text.

Hi Akshata,

I don't understand what you mean by "page". Are you talking about web pages, or pages in a PDF? If you're talking about web pages, what do you mean by "first page" and "other pages"? If you're talking about a PDF, what Forge asset are you using to generate the PDF?

Hi Killian,

I mean to say pages in a PDF. Currently Ultimate PDF is the forge component I have used to generate the PDF.

Can you see the generated confusion if your original request is this:

For better support next time you should describe all relevant information in your question. In this case you should have references the Forge component that you are using to achieve something. 

When you create a question you can select the Forge component.

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