Explanation of Exception Handling

I had referred to this Documentation. But I didn't get proper idea to implement in the process. can any one explain the flow of user exception, Database exception. and how to create.

Can any one explain through with oml file.


Hi @Sakthipriya B ,

I understand your query.

As Junaid suggested, please go through the links, which give an clear idea on exception handling.

For a quick understanding, try to create a reactive web app with a sample module. If you navigate to the module exception handler, you can see how different types of exceptions are handled. led.

Basically there are four types of exceptional handler in the Out systems 




4.User created

Communication ,security  and database is automatically run by the Out systems and user exception is run through the manually 

For example 

1.In the database if you add the record and click on the apply then one message is occurred record added successfully that is database exception handler it is run automatically 

2.In the security if you login with the user credential then invalid user or password occurred  that message is the done by the security exception 

3.If you open the application in the browser then some connectivity issue happens then 404 error is occurred then Communication exception is occurred .

4. For the user exception we created the exception handler and run manually

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