Upload Files and Deleting Files Issue.

Hi, I have an issue that I am able to upload my pdf file and store it on the Entity database. But i wish to add another function/feature where the user clicks on the "Save Button" it will delete the record from the Entity database. But i not really sure how to do it base on the flows on the "Save Button" I hopefully someone will guide me step-by-step as i wish to learn this feature and implement it in my application in feature. 

File Entity Database

Save Button Flow

The Attachments that attach below will be my OML File.


Hi @Freeman Tan 

I have created one button with delete functionality and updated in the OML.
Hope this will help you.




Is there any way to delete the record from FileMetaData Database when the user click Submit/Save button?? 

Yes we can do that As i shown in the screenshot click on the MultipleFileUpload Open in the new module and take the delete service action dependency  and use it how you want I have updated the OML

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