Newline character issue.

Newline character issue.

Hi !

How am I supposed to give a new line chcrater in x.y expression editor.

I have tried as follows:

"first sentence" + "\n" + "second sentence".

"first sentence" + "\\n" + "second sentence". 

But, neither of them worked.

Any hints ?

Hi Nikhil,

You can use the builtin function newline():

"first sentence"+newline()+"second sentence"


Hello Nikhil,

Just wanted to add a little detail, which is the need to set the expression "Escape Content" property value to "True", so that all markup sensitive characters can be translated into a web safe format.

Best Regards,
If the Escape Content property is True, then you can use html such as "<br>" in the text for line breaks.
Thanks Rebecca Hall, Gonçalo Martins,  Pedro Filipe Manuel !!