Editing Ms SQL db and C++

Editing Ms SQL db and C++

1. Introduction   
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How can I access the database created in this Tutorial from my Ms Sql database and how can edit the CRUD created by OutSystem in other Third party text editor

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Hi Gibson,

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The OutSystems apps model is created inside a normal db instance in your SQL Server, called OutSystems by default. You can use SQL Management Studio to look into it if needed, but I strongly advise you not to tamper with (change) it because you may break the system model's integrity.

As for editing CRUDs on an external editor and pulling that into your screens (or vice-versa: exporting Service Studio CRUDs to be edited elsewhere) that is not something that is really supported. There are no HTML import/export features in Service Studio because the screens designed carry with them a lot of metadata that would make outside use impractical.


To what extent are  courses and certification valuable, do the industries look forward it

Most importantly, what is the cost of your package license, and how can  I obtain a version with out trail indicators.

but your ads and video commnted and the integration of your product with Ms Sql and third party platform, so is the use if on cannot do many extend thing with it

Hi Gibson,

The classroom courses are the best way to put you up to speed with the technology, namely the Developer Boot Camp

As far as the Certification Program is concerned, it works as a sort of warranty for customers when they are hiring consultants for their projects. This way they know they're hiring experienced professionals.

Hope this helps!