OutSystems Support Portal is here!

OutSystems Support Portal is here!


I would like to let you know that OutSystems has just released a new online tool, the OutSystems Support Portal, to further enhance the relationship we have with our customers and partners.

The Support Portal allows you to:

  • Submit new support cases (questions, problems, feedback) and track OutSystems Support answers / feedback
  • Access and review all your support cases threads, in a central location, accessible by your team.
  • Control the status of your agreement and the remaining number of available support cases in your active subscription
  • Define who is able to report new cases on behalf of your organization, and define followers for each one of the submitted cases.

The Support Portal is available at http://www.outsystems.com/SupportPortal, or via the “Support” tab in the Agile Network.

It is only available to OutSystems customers and partners, with an active Agile Platform subscription. If you think you should have access to your organization’s (or customer’s) Support Portal, please ask your Agile Platform license administrator to include you in the list of contacts with such permissions.

We hope you enjoy this new communication channel, and that it allows you to have an even more streamlined relation with OutSystems.

Thank you,
Paulo Silva, OutSystems Engineering Services

However, I am unable to log on to the Agile project managment platform, what is the log details

What needs to be configured where ?
I can't see the tab, can't find any place to add users to a list to access the support portal.


@Gibson, the Agile Project Management platform is unrelated with the new Support Portal web channel. If you're having problems with the Agile Project Managemt tool I suggest this forum topic instead, which is more suitable to address your questions.

@Joop, the access to the Support Portal is granted by the owners of the license infrastructures of the respective customers and partners. If you can't see the Support tab on the Agile Network, then it means that you have not been granted any access to any license infrastructure yet, in which case you should contact the respective company license administrator of the infrastructures you want to get access to. You can also reach out to the OutSystems Technical Support by email to get assistance in the process.

Hope this information is helpful.

Best regards

Miguel Simões João
I'm granted and can see our licenses ... but can't see the tab
Hi Joop

Sorry to tell you this, but you're not granted! :)

The license access is different then the support portal, as they aren't merge yet on a single tool.

I can confirm that only the primary contacts of your licenses have granted access to the Support Portal, so I ask you to reach out to them to add you on the Support Portal using the Accounts & Privileges page on the Support Portal.

Best regards

Miguel Simões João
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This is not an improvement to the support OutSystems is giving us.
I already send mail to support about this ....

Hi OS people,

To soon. I think is the correct answer for the support portal. My Cases are transformed to support portal cases but there I can't see anything. Also lay-out, usability and styling is not what I'm used of OS. It could have been so much better.

Hope I'm not the only one who noticed but is the page off-set gonne be fixed in the next release:

Kind regards,

Nope you're not the only one.
I just send email to support about the same issue.

Also if you give feedback ... it is logged as a support case !
Which also counts on the number of cases a customer can log ...
By the way ... layout/styling is also, let's say ... could be better/user friendly !
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback so far.

I'm not directly involved in the Support Portal design or development but, like any new web property, it is bound to have some initial usability shortcomings that will progressively going to be ironed out. Even though the beta program did not raise any major issues, I know the guys are taking onboard any suggestions to help improve the Portal now that it is live.

Furthermore, since it formalizes fairly complex processes that were being handled in a more ad-hoc way until now, there is also a need for adaptation on both sides: the users need to start "getting into the groove" and we in turn need to "clean up the groove", as it were, so everything falls into place. :-)

I believe some of you have already contacted support directly with suggestions. I suggest you keep doing that as it is probably the sanest way for the Support guys to organize the backlog and reply to specific questions (remember, different customer and/or partners operate differently from each other).


Joop Stringer wrote:
Also if you give feedback ... it is logged as a support case !
Which also counts on the number of cases a customer can log ...
Thinking about spamming the forum.... :-).


I know it's a process before it's good, but when you e-mail support that the support portal doesn't show anything and that e-mail is 'put into the support portal' where you can't see anything it a kind tricky ;-).

Most time a release was made by OS, it got the ECT enabled for this kind of issues. Isn't their.
Most time a new feature is released by OS a topic is made to show what is where and how it works, Isn't their.

You've put the bar high for yourself reagarding releases and if you do that it's hard to kjeep up with it ;-).

It will come together, but it's really frustating and we only show it, knowing it will keep you sharp and our problems will be solved quicker ;).

Kind regards,
  • opt-in of followers, Now other people from the same company do not see my cases by default, which is silly. (all those cases are for the customer, so everyone in that company should be able to see it ;)
  • although I submit from a customer it does not necessarily mean it's a case for that customer. If it's a general bug it should be handles accordingly.
  • how can I tell the difference between cases that count and which do not?
  • make it more clear for which customer i'm seeing the cases for (instead of top right with crappy contrast)
  • filtering on status not available?
  • ability to see all cases for every customer I am linked to.
  • notification support? daily/weekly digest with response times or actions to be done by developers (handy for DM/EM to whip those developers to help OutSystems)
That's about it for now.


Hi guys
Thanks for all the comments. Here goes a status update of the Support Portal.
23 customers and 4 partners have adopted the portal and have registered a total of 90 new users to access, submit and follow cases using the portal.
This translates into about 130 cases which are being followed in the Support Portal and a total of 182 interactions.
So far we identified a major deficiency. Initial users were wrongly provisioned and could not see the case they submitted.
The provisioning error is fixed and new users are now created correctly.
As a workaround for existing users, all users registered in the portal for a company see all cases for that company. This will be in place until the initial users are fixed – estimated by the end of next week – Nov 2nd.
Regarding the actual process of using the Support Portal, the issues are:
  1. Partners and some customers are not able to understand what cases count towards the limit and why are they being count.
    The counting rules are now visible in the portal since Friday to customers and partners with a case limit. 
    By the end of Monday (Oct 29th) these customers and partners will have visibility on which cases are accounted and which ones are not.
  2. Lack of online help regarding user access levels in the customer area of the portal. 
    A FAQ with these topics will be available in the Support Portal by Wednesday Oct 31st.
    Until then feel free to email, phone us, or ask questions through the Support Portal if you have any issues.
  3. In addition to that, we are performing a complete re-evaluation of the portal user experience. We will act immediately on serious usability problems and pace other changes in the next couple of months.
Again we really appreciate all the feedback and the time you guys have invested in helping us be better.
If you have any further questions please get in touch with us.
With best regards,
Acácio Porta Nova

cannot wait for the improvements :)
Good job!

Well, some stuff has been fixed, getting spammed with email :(

Another thing,

Home screen says "Last updated cases" .
My mind boggles why the order is caseID asc. and not, for example, last update date?

Hi guys
I just wanted to touch base and share all that has been going on related to the Support Portal in the last week. It has been a wild ride :)  and I would like to show you the improvements we have made so far.
Probably some of you already noticed and have been benefiting from these changes, but I would like to present them to the whole community.
For customers and partners that have a limit of cases, it is now possible to know which cases are counting.
You can also read the rules on which cases are accounted and which ones are not:


We have introduced a FAQ to get you acquainted with the Support Portal quickly and to know your way around it.
Do you have a question that is not answered there? Please let us know!


In addition to the FAQ we have added a lot of contextual information in the interface – just hover the mouse pointer over an item to learn more about it:

We have also produced a number of improvements and minor tweaks that should make your experience more fluid while using the portal. And we fixed the issue with the initial users, so now things are back to normal regarding case visibility – people either only see the cases they submitted or, if they are an Administrator or Follow-all, all the cases for that customer/partner.
Again, we really appreciate all the feedback you have been giving, and we hope that you appreciate the improvements we have made so far.
If you have any further questions please get in touch with us.
With best regards,
Hi Acacio,

It's been a rough ride true, also for us :-)
I think you need to redo the design, If you need that much of FAQ and contextual information, the GUI is not intuitive.

To me the dropdown for customer on the right top is not completely clear.
Why not have just a list of all cases and put a column in there with customername.
If I go to the details of a case, then put in the right column with the specific customer info.

Also I'm missing a search field where I can search for a particular case.

The buttons : "I want to ...." are awfull take a look at the forge, these are completely different. Or take a look at the twitter bootstrap styling, beautiful !

Hope we get a nice portal somehow :-)
Keep up the good work.

Haha, I think OutSystems is so agile, they have forgotten how to design a decent user interface without having user input :). I thought ANP was already bad userinterfacewise, but it seems this is worse :).

To me it seems the overall feedback of technical support is getting slower since we have the portal.

I am not sure if I have to wait for a support-case pops-up in the portal or not?
(But it takes longer than a normal email reply, which imho is not a smart move, it should be faster instead of slower)
I really hope it's just a hiccup and will get back to normal response time and even faster response time?
I disagee with that one. No probs with the response time...maybe more from my side (-: but keep having many cases where I need the time to find stuff out :-).

Kind regards,