How to import users from Active Directory?


How to import users from the Active Directory? (Platform Server

I've configured the Users eSpace, set the authentication mode to "Active Directory" and the default domain. Then I ran the "SynchronizeDomainUsers" timer from Users eSpace but nothing happens. Is this supposed to work? If so, how?

With Enterprise Manager at least I could create a user manually and then set his auth mode to internal or LDAP. With Users I can't, because the app always forces me to set the user password and I can't set the auth mode individually.
Outsystems integration with Active Directory, user management and import needs a huge improvement. It needs more options, filters, etc.
Anyone? Need to use this ASAP.. :(
Can't find any information about this. Just this topic mentioning the SynchronizeDomainUsers timer:
Hello Carlos,

You can try and use the Active Directory Import component I just uploaded to the Forge.

Should be pretty simple to use, but tet me know if this serves your purpose or if it needs tweaking :)

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva