Select criterias from a list and filter main list accordingly

Select criterias from a list and filter main list accordingly

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get an action list sorted by the status of the action. The easy way (sorting by one status) works fine. However I would like to filter the list by the different statuses I have depending on the users choice. I figure that I need a list for the existing statuses, incl. a boolean for selecting the status(es) of choice. Afterwards I only want to show the actions with the statuses according to the selection (allowing multiple statuses) in the main list.
Any ideas ????
Hello FriWi Reese,

First of all welcome to Outsystems community..
Can you explain exactly what you're doing and what you pretend to do?!
Sorry but the description is a little bit confuse..You can even attach an image if you want, to show it..
I can't understand if you're talking about an action (method) or a simple sort in a Table Record (in this case you can use the widget RichWidgets\List_SortColumn or multiple filters applied to the query you're doing as input parameters).

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Gonçalo M.
Hi Goncalo,

thanks for the quick reply. How do I attach an image to these messages ? I don't get it ?
The image will do the job in explaing.

Hi FriWi,

Press the Image button (rightmost in the reply toolbox), select Upload, choose image and "Send it to server". This will attach the sent image to your reply.

Hello FriW,
Just to help you in a visual way, just see the following image:

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After this you can remake your doubt and post here, so we can try to help you..

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Gonçalo M.

PS: Sorry about your image rights Miguel :)