Specific Service Studio css tags

Specific Service Studio css tags

Hello everybody,

some days ago i stumble in this css tag '-servicestudio-position'. For what i can tell this tag is only used in the service studio context.

Can someone tell me what other tags are available or where i can find a list?

Hello Eduardo,

That's an interesting question..Since I know, you can use almost every css properties, using that nomenclature, just using:

-servicestudio-<Css property Name>: <Property Value>

And yes, this
nomenclature is only used in the ServiceStudio context.

Best Regards,
Gonçalo M.

All standard css should work with the prefix (unless they have problems/not supported in ie7 or are known to cause problems in our renderer).

They are meant to be used just to fix little rendering problems inside service studio and will not be present in the css after published.

João Rosado
Ok people, thanks for the replys.