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Hi Pedro,

I've been thinking on building a comparible component myself.
This also to eliminate the 'transparency' layer between the Outsystems Entity and Database table.

These features become interesting when you want your managers to query the tables to retrieve management information.
Confronting them with the entities gives them a better view on the structure.

I haven't tried your OML just yet since we still are on version 6 of the platform.
Are you planning a release in which you can put selective views in a separate database catalog?
This to keep the viewset 'clean' and tidy.


Hi Eric!

If I understand you correctly, you would like a feature that would enable you to tell in which catalog the views are to be created right?

Are you using Orcale? My question is because of the following: in Oracle, a view in a different catalog than the catalog the used tables are in is pretty straight forward, but in SQL Server, it seems that we can have a significant performance impact.

Maybe someone can elaborate on this views in different databsaes issue on SQL Server...

Hi Pedro,

These views will probably be created on a nightly copy of the Data or perhaps even part of the data export to a different database
system (Masterdata / Data Mining system) so the performance wouldn't really be impacted unless at the time of extract.

Granting permissions to mangers for querying on live databases isn't something that is advised in any environment. :)