SQL Database Size very Large

SQL Database Size very Large

I have recently migrated from Outsysems PAAS service to my own VPS.

The entore SQL database was sent to me by Outsystems, in which I then restored on my server, and everything is working fine.

My issue is with the sizae of the database. The database was zipped and sent to me at a size of 4Gb. That seems very large at the time.
After only a week of installation and maintenance of my app, the size of the database is now 6.7Gb.

The app has less than 10 users, each submit a total of 100 records a week, There is less than 3000 records.
There are some binary files stores in the database, but they are compress jpeg images (approx 20kb each).
It is a little concerning that the database is at this size, at such an early stage of production.

Should the catalog be compressed?
Any help would be appreciated.

Such growth really seems a problem. You probably have too many older versions of your projects. All the structure versions are stored and also it's data. In Service Center go to Factory and check "Check Old eSpace Versions to Delete ".

If the problem isn't there, check the SQL logs. Doing frequent and complete backups can make it increase that fast.

As a reference, our development environment with 250k SUs in projects (some with 2 years of data) and a versioning of about 3 months, has 4GB of data and 1GB in logs.
good :)
Thanks Nuno.

Removing the old Espace version has now reduced th back-up to only 500Mb. Im not sure if this is still a reasonable size, however it is much smaller than before.
Thanks for your help.

Maybe someone from outsystems can provide some Best Practice rules and tips for maintaining the MS SQL database in regards the the user's Outsystems catalog .
Hi Robbie, 

here are the SQL Server Best Practices for Platform Server 

Hi Guys,

I've just posted an How-To that goes around this issues: check it out!