image widget with external source,

image widget with external source,

I have tried to use the image widget with external source, but it does not display the image in Chrome and Firefox. It only work with IE8.

Can anyone from Outsystems help with this one.

Lance Afinidad
Hi Lance,

Can you post how the image source code looks like on your page source?
What image format are you trying to show?

João Rosado
Hi João Rosado
This is the image source looks like.
Im trying to display jpeg format
Hi Lance,

That url looks more like a network folder than a internet url (because the slashes are the wrong way "\" -> "/").
That should be why it doesn't work.

If it's suposed to be a internet url, then switch the slashes.
If its a network folder url ...don't think you can get it to work like that on firefox/chrome due to permissions (unless theres some hidden setting in the browser for that)

João Rosado

This link (
have the recommendations to use image.
Best Regards,
Luís Teixeira

Do you know ways how can i upload images in a server map path and access it?