svg image format

svg image format


I tried to insert an image with an svg format (Vectorial image) in service studio, but the only way i got to do so is trough 'Resources'.
Doing so, i have to create an image tag by hand, wich is not good.

Will service studio have support for this types of images to be used as a normal image (png, jpg...) in the future?
This way, i can avoid using unescaped expressions for inserting svg images.

Kind regards,
António Matos
Hi António,

Don't think that its curently a planned feature, but you can add the idea to the wisdom of the crowds.

As for the workaround, you don't need to use unescaped expressions to do that.
Just add them as resources and use image widgets with the type set to external. Then use a relative url to that resource.

João Rosado
Hello João,

I didn't realised that i could use the image widget that way.

I wil add the idea to the wisdom of the crowds.

Thanks for the info.

António Matos

Hi, I am trying to do the same thing (add an SVG image into my page), I'm new to OutSystems, would anyone be able to explain this process, possibly give me an axample of how to do this?