The specified network password is not correct. using certificate in webservice


I imported the wsdl defenition from file.

I'm trying to connect to a secure webservice using a certificate.
I registerd the certificate in servicecenter and assinged it to the webreferense in the e-space settings.
I do have a password for reading the certificate but a don't know where to put it.

I asume that this the reason i get this error when i'm trying to publish, and my question is how can i fix this?

he specified network password is not correct.

\r\nSystem.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: The specified network password is not correct.

at System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException.ThrowCryptogaphicException(Int32 hr)
at System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Utils._LoadCertFromFile(String fileName, IntPtr password, UInt32 dwFlags, Boolean persistKeySet, SafeCertContextHandle& pCertCtx)
at System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate.LoadCertificateFromFile(String fileName, Object password, X509KeyStorageFlags keyStorageFlags)
at OutSystems.HubEdition.DeployService.Deploy.#pXd(String espaceName)
at OutSystems.HubEdition.DeployService.Deploy.DeployEspace(String espaceName, Int32 espaceVersionId, String userName, Boolean partial, Boolean forceRedeploy, Boolean alreadyLocked, Boolean fromCompilerService, String uniqueId).

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Hello Michiel,

Since you are using a WebService with authentication, you can use the action "SetWebReferenceCredencials" from the extension "EnhancedWebReferences" to do it.
I think this should work..

Best Regards,
Gonçalo Martins

Thanks for the reply.

Question is where should i put the action to set the credentials.
I get this error publishing the e-space.
First of all, you use this action before the call of your WebService.
About your real problem (sorry I didn't understood it the first time), have you tried to call your WebService from another program like SOAP UI?
It seems that your problem is related to your certificate, ie when it's being loaded..
Hi Michiel,

Did you read this guide?

It explains what type of certificates you need to use and how to convert them.

João Rosado