Common Menu not clonable? Round Container widget issue?

We're trying to set up a clone-able template from which quickly make apps that already contain the appropriate look & feel by using a common theme eSpace.  Unfortunately, the base common menu in any new eSpace does not seem to play well with the cloning process.

Specifically, there is always a warning stating that the Common/Menu web block is not valid.  From another article on this site (, I understand that's because IntelliWarp does not like the structure of the Common/Menu web block.  However, we're using the base menu web block that comes in any new application without changing anything.

The standard new-application Common/Menu comes with an If widget containing the Container_Round widget with a very odd condition: "InWebBlockPreview" = "True" -- comparing two strings - always false, so always rounded edges.  Ok, that'd be fine, but it doesn't clone without warnings.  Even removing the If block causes warnings with the cloning process.

Can I have a Container_Round widget in the menu web block and that web block be clone-able?  If I've got it in the wrong place (currently underneath the Menu_Container container where the original If block was), then great - please let me know.  I've been experimenting with placement, but so far, nothing works.

EDIT (add info):  I am refreshing references before attempting to clone the template using our look & feel eSpace.  So, I've got "CloneMe" as an eSpace, which uses the "Theme" eSpace, which contains the menu block.  I update Theme, then refresh references on CloneMe before publishing & cloning.
Hi Chris,

What exactly is the warning you are getting?
Could you please attach the oml so it is easier to understand the problem?

The exact error message is:

Invalid Theme

The 'Common\Menu' web block is not valid to be used as the menu of the 'CloneMeTemplate' theme.

I'll try to get the OML up soon.

Hi Chris,

I believe the Menu web block needs to have an Input Parameter with the Data Type set to "MenuItem Identifier".

Tiago Simões