refering external javascript libraries

refering external javascript libraries


I am trying to call an external javascirpt library located in my local drive using a web block widget by setting the below script in value property of web block using expressions  and adding this web block into my webscreen.In webscreen i am setting extended properties name1=onload and value1="MyJavaScriptFunction();"  where MyJavaScriptFunction(); is a function exists in external library.But i am not able to get the alert when my webscreen loads.Is there anything wrong i am doing?

"<html><body><script type='text/javascript' src='E:\SupportScripts\abc.js'></script></body></html>"

External library: abc.js
function MyJavaScriptFunction()

You are trying to access a network-share.

you should have something like  "http://somedomain/"

For example you add the the js as a resource to the espace. then you should be able to reference it easy.
Hi Prashanth,

For security reasons most recent browsers won't allow you to access anything in the local harddrive.
You need to either host it somewhere, or add it as resource in your eSpace (and preferentially as a weblock javascript, so you only need to add the javascript to your page, instead of doing unescaped expressions).

João Rosado