Install community edition on Windows Azure

Good afternoon, i want to install a community edition on a virtual  server does anyone know the best virtual server to do it?
I see that goddaddy and amazon are good choices but i want to know if Windows Azure is good to?

Best Regards Miguel Grilo
Windows azure is also a good option.
But be aware about the community edition 30000 software units limit.
Thanks for the reply, yes i know the limitation of the community edition, but i have done yet with windows azure?

Cumps Miguel Grilo
Does anyone can help me?

We use Amazon regularly, so it should work there.

Not sure if there are many people trying the Agile Platform out in Windows Azure, but it should also be possible.

The question of "which is best" will depend on a lot of factors, which you won't know until you try. Just make sure the virtual machine complies with the System Requirements and everything should be fine. 
Hi Ricardo, thanks for your help, i have see amazon and godaddy to, you think amazon it's better?
Hi guys, well,
no one replies so, i just want to say that the community edition runs well on Windows Azure Virtual machine and is very easy and fast to install and configure the platform on Windows Azures VM.
So if anyone want more info about how to do it let me know.
Regards Miguel Grilo