How to store MAX data in one field.

How to store MAX data in one field.

Hi ,

I wanted to store max data in one filed.
Is there is any provision to do it in outsystems.

Ex: I wnated to upload 100 pages of document in one field.

Sattibabu vatti.
Hi Sattibabu!

Do you mean you want to enforce some business rule in your datamodel?

If so, this is usually done within an action in OutSystems. We don't normally add contraints in database entities.

Hope it helps
Hi Pedro,

This reply is on behalf of Sattibabu

Lets say I have one field with string datatype and the situation is we dont know the size of data, so the length could be 1 character or it could be "n" characters.

So, is there any provision to mention length as "MAX" characters as we do in MS SQL.

For ex.
In MS SQL, we can define field length as VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX)

Hope its clear now.
Hi Sagar.

When designing an entity, you can set the max of the text attribute. When the platform generates the SQL script, it will be just like you use nvarchar(50), like in the image.


if you're looking for the maximum size you can store on a column, that depends on the database your using.

If you're using SQL Server, check their documentation on the maximum size allowed by datatype. Example for text.

The text columns are nvarchar if <= 2000 chars, and text of > 2000. See the help online for that.
Hi Pedro,

Actually, I am using CKEditor widget where I can enter "n" number of characters. Further I want to store this data in the related field which should hold these "n" number of characters.

Is there any solution?
Ok, I got it.

So, you should point that to a text filed and add a size that can hold a lot of text.

I don't know it there's a way to limit the size of CKEditor's text... or if it inherits the size of the associated textarea... Anyone?