Trouble with List_SortColumn

I'm facing a strange behaviour with the List_SortColumn widgets.

When I try to sort by 'Order' attribute, the value that is passed to the query has nothing to do with it... in this case what is passing is the 'IsActive' atribute from the last column.

The same happens with the attributes from columns 2 and 3... the attribute that goes into the query is the one from the last colum (a boolean flag 'IsActive').

The screen was "IntelliWarped".

Any thoughts on this?

Hi João.

Have you tried to create a new page with the same method. I find it strange that it happened...

Can you try it?

I don't understand it all what the problem exactly is.
What has Var1 got to do what is being passed into the query ?
How do you pass the orderby in the query?


The problem is that I have 4 columns (integer, text, text, boolean) and when I click the sort widget it always sorts by the boolean value, and not by integer or text.

The var1 was just to see what was being passed to the query.

As to how the orderby is being passed, well... it's the usual way. An input that receives the result of
List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(SurveyQuestionTable.Id, "{SurveyQuestion}.[Order]").