Is it possible for Agile mobile apps to work offline?

My apologies for recycling an old topic, however I would like to get an up-dated review on mobile web apps working offline.
I have a requirement to build  an app developed with agile that will operate on the users device, especially when the user is offline. The app is a form-based data capture system that will recording user forms and store the data in the cloud database.
There has been previous comments regarding hybrid apps and using HTML 5's offline cache, however I am not convinced that is a viable working option.
Any thoughts?
Hi Robbie,

as far as I know, this is not the case. All outsystems apps (both desktop & mobile) are web-apps. Meaning they do need permanent connection with the server to function.

I have not heard anything about using the HTML-5 cache option in combination with Outsystems in order to get the result you'd like (locally cache entered data by the user and later on - when connection is available again - submit this).

If anyone has other info, I would be very pleased to know...

Regards Barry
Hi Robbie,

As Barry referred, OutSystems applications (both desktop and mobile) are “online” applications where the requests are made to the server.

In the following link, you can gather more information about this topic. It is possible to use OutSystems to implement the application server logic and use html5/javascript to develop the client side part and cache data storage.

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha
I don't know if I'm late now, but, anyway...