Web Services with input parameters

What is the correct URL format for a webservice that requires an input parameter?

I have a webservice (UserData), and a method (GetUserName) with an input parameter(userid)
What is the format of the url of this web service using the above mentioned variables?

The video tutorial of the webservice does not show the URL with the input parameters in the example.

Hi Robbie,

Platform webservices are SOAP, not REST.
So the url for the webservice will only have the webservice name:

João Rosado
Thanks Joao.

Does than mean you cant pass parameters via web service??
Hi Robbie,

You can (and need) to pass the parameters to call the methods, just not directly on the url.
To call a webservice you need to import that url into an application that can handle SOAP webservices (for example another eSpace, by adding it as web reference).

João Rosado
Just to add a comment, João is saying that and his right. Even for every kind of URL usages (with query string, or example) you should never pass the credencials using that URL, since it is a huge security lack.
Be aware of that.

Kind Regards,