Connecting Oracle DB with Service Center

Connecting Oracle DB with Service Center

I know that there are simular threads, but I can't really find what I need so that's why I start this new one.

I am new to Outsystems and on top of that also new to Oracle and databases in general.

I am not sure what to exactly fill in. I have written down localhost for the host, and have tried various passwords but I can't connect it.

Hello Davey.

Are you sure you want to create a database connection? If you already have the platform installed, it is already connected to a database. You only need a new connection if you're connecting to different databases than the one that the platform is connected to.

Nevertheless, if you need it, you will need to know the machine that the database is connected to so that you can set the hostname in that form. The guy that installed the database will have to give you a username and a password of a user from the database, and that's the one you'll be using in that form.

Hope it help.
Hi Pedro,

Guess that makes it a bit clearer.

I have created a table with sqlplus in the database on my local host called "orcl" when I try to find it in the integration studio with the wizzard I am unable to find it...

OK Davey,

but if you're creating table from scratch, you could use only Service Studio and create entities in there. They are the tables in the OutSystems world. When you create an entity, it gets translated to a table in your database. You don't need to create a database and table before hand. It's all managed by Service Studio for you.

I have to use oracle, and got about 70.000 items in the table...

Let's say I will create it with the service studio, upload the excel file in there.. will it be in the oracle database that is linked with the integration studio?  Sorry, I am not really sure how and what ... (headaches :p)
If you already have a table that you must use in your project, you can use the integration studio import and use it in Service Studio.

If you create the entities in service studio, they will be create as tables in the database that the platform instalation is pointing to.

Maybe it's better if you describe what you're trying to acomplish, because I'm just trying to guess here :)
First of all thank you for your help.

So I have created a table with sqlplus, and want to import it with the wizzard in integration studio, but the database that I have "orcl" and the table in it "anken3" aren't showing up in it.
So I'm assuming that you really need to connect to your database and not use the one connected with the platform already.

If that's the case, you will need to create a database connection in service center, just as you were showing in the first screenshot.
Hi Davey,

The error you getting means that it is not able to resolve "localhost80" as a valid name for a database.
How did you configure it? If it's in the tnsnames.ora file, then you need to make sure the filesystem user used by the IIS can reach the oracle configuration file.

Anyway, I notice that you are trying to use OSADMIN as the user, so I guess the table you created are in the same database as the platform, right?
If that is so, you can use the Integration Studio wizard directly without any database connection. Just make sure your table (and related tablespaces) have privileges granted for the OSRUNTIME user.
If all the privileges are correct, your table should appear there even without a database connection.

João Rosado

Thanks for the help Pedro and João!
This week I was finaly able to work on outsystems again. I have been able to make a database connection with service studio, and in my intergration studio I was able to find the database and the right tables. After publishing them I was able to see them in the service center.

The only problem now is that when I create a table record and add the data in it and publish the app, I get an internal error. When I look at the log this is being displayed:
2013-03-16 09:28:58 ankentest
ORA-00942: ???????????????

an ORA-00942 error.

I searched the net and found the following information from :
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
Cause: The table or view entered does not exist, a synonym that is not allowed here was used, or a view was referenced where a table is required. Existing user tables and views can be listed by querying the data dictionary. Certain privileges may be required to access the table. If an application returned this message, the table the application tried to access does not exist in the database, or the application does not have access to it.
Action: Check each of the following:
  • the spelling of the table or view name.
  • that a view is not specified where a table is required.
  • that an existing table or view name exists.

Contact the database administrator if the table needs to be created or if user or application privileges are required to access the table.

Also, if attempting to access a table or view in another schema, make certain the correct schema is referenced and that access to the object is granted.

the spelling of the table is the same as what I can see in sqlplus, and integration studio.   It says something about certain priveleges may be required to access the table. Any idea on how I can fix this? Anyone else that have had problems like this?

I guess I did something wrong with my table since I am able to see the data from the Scott user.
if it doesn't have the priviledges to access the table why is the table and the attributes being showed in service studio?  when I compare a table in integration studio with the table from the scott user that I can see there is nothing wrong with it.

any advice?
Hi Davey,

What privileges does the table have granted for the user you configured on the database connection?
Also, can you show us a screenshot of the connection in service center and one for the entity in integration studio?

João Rosado
how can I see what privileges the table have in sqlplus?

Well, I couldn't get it to work so I decided to create a new user by changing the text to make the scott account to the name and password I wanted.

I am able to see the table now, and to well... make my boss a bit happier :D

Thanks for all the help guys :D