Curiosity: IF element default path (changes between 5.1 and 7.0)

Curiosity: IF element default path (changes between 5.1 and 7.0)

I've always been developing only in version 5.1 (well, I started with 4.2 but that was a long time ago...). Recently I started a new project developing in version 7.0. Much better!
But, just for curiosity, one change I’ve noticed is the changed behavior for the default output flow when you drag and drop an IF element into a flow.
In 5.1 the default output flow would be TRUE, and now in 7.0 is FALSE.
Question aimed at OutSystems staff: Is there a reason for this subtle change?
For me this is a positive change, because when I insert an IF it’s because I want to treat a special condition outside the normal flow, but I’ve always been told that the preferred form is that the TRUE flow would normally flow “down”...
For me it is not logical. The first thing I do after inserting an IF, is clicking on 'Swap connectors'. It is a strange default behaviour to direct the False-branche downwards. I have learned that the best way to implement an IF-condition is to use 'positive' questions (' is everything OK' then proceed instead of 'Is there not something wrong'. If the condition is true everything is OK and I proceed. If not I handle the exception. So it should be better to let the false branch point to the left instead of downwards. But maybe it is just a matter of taste.
Hi Tiago, Bert,

As you both can see, different users do different things. Unlike an IF, there is no one true answer, you are both right.

We've come to reallize it usually depends on the stage you're at. IF you are creating that action for the first time you may want the true to go down. But IF you are modifying existing code probably you are dealing with an exception, and in that case it makes more sense to treat the True branch on the side. And bugs on existing code have higher impact than in new code.

Maybe the smartest thing to do would be to make True go to the down branch IF the next element was an End. But IF we made it that smart it could also confuse users.

IF you count the IFs in the above sentences you can see it is a hard decision. But thank you for your feedabck, it's always refreshing for us to understand how people use the platform so we can improve it.

Tiago Simões
It is a matter of taste and context indeed. Thanks for your reply.
I am with Bert, my flow downwards are usually positive (True) "is Value Valid?" "Record Found?" etc

Personal preferences.