Hello everyone!

I'm new in Outsystms, I wan't to use someting like the javascript confirm box in the platform, to chose 2 possible actions.
It is possible? Can anyone explain it to me?

Tanks in advance.
Hi Luís,

In link's and button's you have an property which is "Confirmation Message". You only have to put the message you want and when you click on that link or button the confirmation message will appear.

See my attachment.

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Diogo Miguel
Any tutorial on how to use that Confirmation? thanks

I have a link with a delete screen action

I want a confirmation alert, if user press ok, continue with the delete screen action, otherwise do nothing
I'm looking for the same thing and feel like I'm missing something.  Do I need to create a popup form specifically to confirm the delete action beore it happens?

If the confirmation answer you need is just a "yes or no" then you just need to fill the Confirmation Message property on the button.

If you need more than that (really fill a form), then set your button to navigate to screen with the form and then use a popup_editor from Richwigets to make it open. Make the logic for the delete in there.

Here is a video tutorial from Academy for the popup editor: https://www.outsystems.com/academy/11/1690/600/edit-a-record-in-a-pop-up/

João Rosado

Thanks Joao,

What exactly do you enter into the 'Confirmation Message' property to generate a dialog that allows a Yes or No input?  I can't locate a function in the editor that gives that ability so any tips here would be great.

yes , use that confirmation message it is scallable.
if you want to show or not based on a specific situation, you can use function in the property.
For example :
i make a delete button , but i need to warn only if we try to delete some specific records.
In the  property you write :if(condition,"warning....","")
So the message appears only if the condition is true.
You can go further , with a function returning boolean,
But the only restriction ,is if you want to have a specific popup window with some special layout,then you need
to create a pop up .


Like didier explained, it just takes the text message you want to appear.
Try it out, it doesn't bite ;)

João Rosado
Thanks guys, I was thinking it was more complicated than it is without seeing examples.

For anyone looking at this for the first time, the Confirmation Message field is better thought of as a standard Message Box text with 'OK' or 'Cancel' options the only default and the Destination process (e.g. Delete) only performed on OK.
Hi guys. I've got similar question. I understand how confirmation messages works as well as popups. I want to get the popup to appear on the OnChange event of a control. The popup editor widget only work with Links and Buttons. How can I launch a pop up from a function/event?

Hi, i am having a problem with the Confirmation Message. 

The idea is to use the length of the input on the confirmation message , but it come allways with " 0 " , i doing anything worng?