Add a field on the component forge page detail to see if there is the same component on traditional or reactive
Add the compatible component either for traditional or reactive in the information describing the component that is in the forge.

- For example, here we have a traditional component and a reactive component.

- Here we have the page of the traditional component, sometimes it is very "boring" or it takes a long time to look for compatible components for both traditional and reactive and it was great to see a menu or a field where we could see the compatible component.

It's hard to see a proper solution, and if this is really an idea, but a simple filter using the name and selecting either reactive or traditional you may have a list of similar components. There can always be an input for the user to be able to insert the compatible component in question if he already knows.


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Dinis Caeiro
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on 14 Oct 2021

Now, when choosing a traditional web component, a reactive alternative is suggested. This match traditional-reactive is configured in Forge BackOffice.

This behavior was designed a while ago, now implemented, and is very close to this idea. 

Thanks for your contribution

This is great! Thank you!