Resize Aggregates to Fit Information
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On the OutSystems version 11.10.16 Aggregates tend to be difficult to read, since both Sources and Joins areas are very small:

Furthermore, the combobox and inputs in the "Test Values" tab are very small and it is not possible to see the chosen values properly (static entities values or text values): 

It would be great if the vertical space in Sources and Joins were increased and the spaces of "Test Values" could be increased so that the developer could be able to see what he is choosing or writing.

Good suggestions!

Should absolutely be implemented!

I fully agree, and the issue is not limited there, also on Test Values the width of inputs is really small.

Yes, 100% agree. Note that OutSystems is aware of the current design flaws, and are working on improvements.

Good suggestion, should be implemented !!

Great observation, great idea :)

Good suggestion! 

Great suggestion!

Absolutely agree.

Hi Daniël,

I don't mind that members comment only with "great idea" or "+1". It is good to have feedback from other members, that sometimes have the same struggles or issues that me. I actually like to know if people like my ideas or not.

Furthermore, if more people like or comment my idea when it is something useful, it can reach Outsystems faster, and it will be analyzed faster to be implemented or not.

I also created an idea to choose if we want to be notified when we liked or reply in ideas / components / posts in Outsystems forum:

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Hi Inês! Thanks for the feedback - I am happy to let you know that the improvements were already delivered! :) Check the most recent Service Studio version.

Please, keep the feedback and new ideas coming!