Give more filters on the posts or comments on profile members and make better the filter on forum

Sometimes we want to go see a specific post and we want to find it on our posts and we have to scroll it until we find it and is a bad user experience from my point of view.

Other times we just want to see the posts that were marked as solutions.

And other times we don't want to search by the comment but by topic/thread/question

The other thing I said about "make better the filters of the forum" on the title of this idea is, sometimes I am seeing my activity and I am going to use the search to find something and then when I click to search something on my activity it doesn't filter by my activity, but it gives me everything about that search that I made and retrieve all the data about what I wrote and I just wanted by my activity.

Let me know what you think


Also, if I want to sort by date, it is not possible, I cannot see the most recent posts based on my search.

Merged this idea with 'Search box for own comments in the forum' (created on 01 Mar 2022 23:38:21 by José Gonçalves)

Our activity in the forum cannot be searched and it's not feasible to scroll down until a post we made months ago. A search box to filter the results, including date period would solve the case.

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Hello José,

Than you for giving your feedback.
I see the value on it, therefore I will added to the Community backlog.

Thank you for your feedback.
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on 17 May 2022

Hello Márcio,

The part related to the activity was implemented with the new experience for the User Profile:

Best regards,
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