2023-08-28 07-00-10
Paulo Torres
ODC Migration
Working on it


It's completely fundamental to have a way/tool to migrate App/modules from Reactive to ODC.

Right now it's a big bottleneck as we can't open modules created in Service Studio in ODC studio.

Will be impossible to convince customers to migrate Apps from Reactive to ODC if the process is no simple and quite fast.

Thanks, Paulo Torres

Completely crucial to have this!

Like that it's a new project if you want to migrate.

Needed ASAP!

Changed the category to
and the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in 24-Quarter2

Hello Paulo,

Thanks for your idea.

We do understand the current constraint of having to manually copy/paste elements from Service Studio to ODC Studio in order to port functionality from O11 to ODC. 

However, we are actively working on a Migration process to expedite and automate the migration of O11 apps to ODC. This will include documentation of best practices, planning approaches, and tools to automate the code and data migration, targeting different use cases in a phased manner. 

Customers can decide when to migrate and leverage all the migration capabilities and enablement from OutSystems. 

As soon as we have more to share, we will notify in here and through the regular channels.


2023-08-28 07-00-10
Paulo Torres

Thanks for your reply @Fernando Moitinho.

Good to know that we'll have news about this topic!

It would also be nice to have the ability to Convert Applications/Modules that are Traditional Web to ODC