Prevent or warn user if 1-Click publish initiated from Production Environment

By Eduard Kruger on 4 Nov 2015
Good day Outsystems,

Just an idea our team had with regards to publishing from environments.

We had an issue this morning where we checked something on our production server code base from Service Studio, and accidentally clicked "1-Click Publish", which caused an error on our production server.

Can you maybe add an option or setting to the ServiceCenter, something like "Prevent/Warn user when publishing from Service Studio" that one can turn and and off that will pop up a warning when the user tries to publish to an environment with this value set to "on"? 

We can set it on our production environment to avoid users accidentally publishing from Service Studio, or to at least warn the user that it could cause issues because of the direct publish?

Thank you,
Justin James11 Nov 2015
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