Automatic Deployments (Nightly Build / Continuous Deployment to Regression )
Platform Server 10.0.502.3


I would like to see a supported way of the automatic publication of solutions.

Currently there is a Solutions API webservice on the ServiceCenter eSpace which should do the trick, but this API is not working on the Enterprise Edition of the Outsystems Platform. (See my message in the Download & Deploy Forge module:

This idea can be used to:

1. Create a Nightly Build to see broken references in the morning.

2. Create a Continuous Deployment function to the Regression Environment that could publish the latest version of one of more applications on the Development environment to a regression environment and automatically start the Regression tests with a specific timeslot or continuous after each regression test is finished.

Maybe other users might have other good ideas.

Hello Remco.

I think that you achieve this with the new API. Check it out here:

Hi Pedro,

You are right, this idea can be closed with status implemented by Outsystems 

Hi Remco,

Additionally, I would like to point you to Solution Pack Tool command line, since it allows you to publish the all contents of the your environment.

I believe this combined with LifeTime Deployment APIs you can achieve all the use cases you mentioned.


Changed the status to
on 20 Feb 2017

This can be achieved by using LifeTime Deployment API and OSP Command line API