2 day on-site marketing and sales training

Create a 2 day on-site marketing and sales training for partners. Hands on training, q&a sessions. The training can be held once or twice a year in different locations such as corporate headquarters and cities such as San Diego. This is separate from the InStep event.

This is a REALLY good idea. The partner ecosystem is growing, but OutSystems is a unique sell from what I can tell.

2013-01-09 14-56-08
Patricia Santos
Indeed! We have been training partners across the globe and we want to do it in the US, as well!
What has been working is doing an InStep event (with dedicated content for partners, such as partner program update, product update, training update, etc), together with a jump start session (training hands on on the Platform).
We have spoke with Brian about this and we will make this happen!

Thank you for your suggestion! 
Justin,  definitely see the growth happening and it is exciting.

Patricia, glad to hear that Brian brought up this subject... I mentioned it to him on our call monday morning.   We should have it NH so that we can have the training and then go fishing!

Hi Patricia,

You have mentioned that "We have been training partners across the globe" but we haven't received any training program from OutSystems when our company became partner. Do we need to subscribe for it separately?
Please provide more info about training to partners. 

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade

2013-01-09 14-56-08
Patricia Santos
Hi Suraj,

We have been having InStep events in our major territories (Portugal, Netherlands, UK and we have it planned for the Americas as well). We have also been hosting webinars. Next webinar is tomorrow and will be focused on Training and Certification. You are welcome to join us! Just register here.
You can check news and initiatives for partners using the Partner Center.
Thanks, Suraj!
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on 01 Aug 2017

Hi team, 

and we have jump starts for partner . 

Take a look https://www.outsystems.com/learn/classroom-training/outsystems-platform-jump-start-training/

Luis, is that what you have in mind?