Export Entity Diagram
Service Studio
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There should we a way to export entity diagram from Service Studio in any format like image or pdf .

Hi Pramod,

There already is one. If you open your entity diagram and navigate to Module / Export in the top menu, you'll have the possibility there to export the diagram as image (PNG).



Hi lennart 

Thanks for the response..

I like this idea but with the addition that it doesn't make a  'screenshot'. The whole data model should be on it, even the tables that are in the data model but not show on the screen.

It will be very useful if you can export the whole model to pdf. Moreover, if there is any way to have Zoom out feature, may work also, having them all in the viewing area and the export to pdf.

This is marked as "Implemented", but the implementation is terrible. Service Studio just currently exports a screenshot of the current portion of the datamodel that is visible. I need to see the entire model and have legible text.