[ServiceStudio] - Merge - Pick all elements

On our radar

Before Development Environment 10 (ServiceStudio) version 10, we would have an option to pick all

This print screen is still available at the Documentation:


Now with version 10:

Is not possible to pick all the elements inside a webflow or inside a static entity merge, some times if there are many changes involved you would need pick each element individually (and it can be hundreds).

Please get this functionality back to service studio!

Created on 20 Sep 2017
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Indeed. Iirc though, this has already been proposed as an Idea, though I might be wrong.

Tiago Neves mentioned this before in the forums:


Top level selection is also missing.

You're right - pick all the elements is really annoying

Not only annoying, it can be errorneous, as it might be easy to miss some of the boxes

On another forums discussion, Lúcio Ferrão made a comment that tbh, looking back, I don't quite get it:

"When doing 3 way merge, selecting all the children was not the correct default as it would lead to lost code" - seems like that was behind the decision of not having All/Children elements option.