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When the screen has too much information and the performance starts to decrease one of the options we have is to create a web block with some of that information and do a lazy load.

It would be nice to have something similar to "Extract to action" where you can select the elements in the screen and "Extract to Web Block".  

In case of a table, it would: 

- Remove the query from the preparation of the screen into the preparation of the Web Block;
- Remove the actions from the screen into the Web Block;
- Remove the selected elements into the Web Block;
- Add the necessary input parameters to the Web Block.

Created on 8 Jun
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Good Idea :)

YES! must have Idea!

Also add the notification for return values; when necessary .

That would be nice. Boosts productivity and performance. ;-)

Sounds good. 

But then developers need to be careful after Exporting because they need to handle OnNotify actions, screen ajax refresh logic and check if everything is working fine or not.

Also if they are selecting any element of Form, they should not do because Form will become one element and same applicable for other elements which are nested.


In the first case, service studio would generate an error because you would have to fill in the onNotify of the web block. 

Most probably some work would still have to be done after using this functionality but you would get rid of the monkey work.

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On our radar

Nice idea Ricardo ;)

By the way, out of curiosity..

If you are extracting some UI with a button connected to screen actions, were you expecting to extract the UI only having to connect the logic or also having the logic extracted?


I would expect that also the actions and logic would be extracted from the screen to the web block


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Just like we can do within an Action with "Extract to Action" feature (P10 +), it would be great if we could extract a container or a group of elements in a web or mobile screen to an webblock.

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