P11 Bring back "Cancel" for 1-Click Publish

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In poor connection circumstances it's desperate to see never ending process. So I want to cancel it and continue instead.....

Created on 28 Sep 2018
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Hi Eric Halim,

Thank you for the feedback.

Can you clarify a bit your use-case (perhaps with an example)?

And to everyone else who has upvoted this idea, could you please reply and share with us your scenarios so we can understand you better?


One of the case is poor internet connection. So once I clicked I must wait until it time out. I want to cancel it rather than waiting.

Another case  would be when you accidentally click it and you just realize wait I want to add some more work to publish. Again you cannot cancel it and must wait until it finish.

There is even a glitch to it

1. You click 1-publish button. It's uploading and compiling....

2. You change something while publishing.

It should when finish show a green publish button again because you changed something while publishing. Now in P11 it doesn't show the green publish button but the blue launch button. So your changes are not saved!

Hi Eric

"One of the case is poor internet connection. So once I clicked I must wait until it time out. I want to cancel it rather than waiting." 

Not sure I understand your point here. How does cancelling 1CP solve the timeout due to network latency? You do want to 1CP right? How do you work around this? Keep trying until it succeeds or try through Service Center? 

On a side note, regardless of the time 1CP may take, it is not a blocking operation in Service Studio - so you should be able to keep working while 1CP is progressing.

Hmm true it won't solve the network problem.....Probably it just around about developer habits (I personally tend to wait it finishes then continue) and maybe some psychological effects. And also please try the glitch too.

Cheers Eric!

In fact it is not only about habit as I mentioned earlier.... it is wasted of time waiting it times out... very frustrating...

I often make small test cases or show a demo or a small prototype while publishing and poor connection destroy it all..make this a stopper you cannot continue and let the customers wait as well.

Sometimes it is worse when you are in personal cloud sometimes it is not the connection sometimes it is the server slow performance that makes it waits. I want to cancel and usually trying to republish would do it faster.

If I can stop probably I had a chance to switch to a better connection and at least there is no waiting while we can do another act

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With P11 it is no longer possible to abort the publish, can you please add it back :-)

thank you

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